The concept was to implement the idea of discovery by promoting a platform created by 2GIS which combined offline routing, comprehensive business listings and 3D mapping. The infrastructure and application was in place, the requirement was clear. It just needed to be packaged in a striking campaign.


The communication was simple, navigation is evolving and becoming easier to use. Regardless of whether the user wanted to find a place they already knew or one they had yet to discover. The insight revolved around understanding why people used maps to find a location; well, because it made the process easy.

But what happens when you offer them an application with a plethora of listings, backed by a robust mapping service. Everything is now easy to find!

With an expanding archive of 90,000 business listings, ‘Easy2Find’ made perfect sense.


Leading the campaign was a unique, musical radio spot – ‘Hungry’. With an infectiously catchy tune it created immediate brand recall. The radio spot was supported by Facebook and online banner ads, capitalizing on the ‘Easy2Find’ maxim.


The overall campaign bolstered application downloads and vastly improved Facebook likes and engagement.



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