The goal was to launch Dubai Cares as an initiative dedicated to providing development opportunities to children around the world and involve the multinational community of Dubai in a proactive fundraising activity for this global cause.

The subsequent idea was to encourage people to donate time towards the cause rather than monetary contributions.


The creation of the Dubai Cares logo was the first step towards building the identity of the initiative. The iconic ‘Calling All Hands on Deck’ logo was launched across all media vehicles.

This was followed by the ‘Million Book Challenge’ which was a time volunteering effort.


Dubai Cares was launched full throttle. The donation drive was initiated through a wide range of ATL and BTL channels. The project utilized corporate and school donation drives, auctions, fundraising events and even toll gates as activation mediums.


In the year 2007, the original campaign collected and donated a record-setting AED 3.5 Billion, facilitating the education for children around the world.

In the following year the Million Book Challenge resulted in 149,000 participants, who collectively read a whopping 1,323,218 books in 2 weeks.


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